Stolen Driftboat Net


This from Bruce Farrell of Grey Bruce Outdoors: One of the very first Custom Nets I made for a GBO Member has been stolen. Thursday evening (March 20/2014), in Sauble, at a store, right out of a drift boat. The net taken is Number 008. It is a one of a kind, the person who stole it has no idea that this net is extremely identify-able and unique, they do not have a hope in hell of saying they bought it somewhere!! Unless they bought it from the thief. To the thief, give it back, now! If you don’t there will be about 5 thousand anglers looking for it and I am not saying you will be dealt any sympathy

Downstream Vol. 1 ~ Testing Trout


There is an underground cult of hardcore fly anglers in Ontario obsessed with chasing wild trout in virtually untouched waters. For many, the only way to experience these streams is vicariously, through stories and myths passed down from generation to generation. Those who know these streams keep them secret and hold them close. No Video? ¬†CLICK HERE Most of these anglers are as tight lipped as the fish that swim in these streams. Follow us chasing huge brown trout with streamers in some of Ontario’s finest trout streams. Hatch Addicts obsessing over mayfly hatches and spinnerfalls while casting to colourful brook trout and weary browns in tiny streams. Coming from Madfisher Media, a new film exploring Fly Fishing in southern

Grand River Spey Clave 2013 Location Change

There are some issues going on at and around Bean Park that affect the feasibility of using it as a venue for this year’s Spey Clave. None of the issues are as a result of the Clave but they definitely do affect the Clave. As a result the area at bean park which we have used for parking in the past has now been posted as no parking so we will not have sufficient for the Clave at Bean Park. In the best interest of the Clave we have decided to change the venue for the event to a place where we will have ample parking as well as a suitable place for the presentations. Unfortunately I have had no