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Nice Brown Trout

Story  By Tim Smyth It was at a family gathering almost twenty years ago when a distant cousin of mine tipped me off on a nearby creek that was producing 16 inch brook Trout. This man was known to be a bit of a prankster and for all I knew he was sending me to a creek chub haven on a wild goose chase. Still, there was a glint of sincerity in his eyes. 16 inch brook Trout are no joking matter after all. Two evenings later I made the short trip to this stream with a friend of mine. A short distance from the road the current slowed and the small creek seemed to lack any real trout like

Mike Verhoef Maitland River Steelhead Guide

Mike Verhoef Maitland River Fly Fishing

Story by Tim Smyth Photos by Mike Verhoef Many of us who have taken to the sport of fly fishing in Ontario have probably also become well aware of some of the guides to our craft that service our waters. One of the first that came to my attention, partly because he specializes on one of my favourite rivers, is Mike Verhoef. A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to meet with Mike on the Maitland itself, for a brief meet and greet with some fishing thrown in for fun. I planned to meet Mike on the river at a creek mouth we both knew. As I approached from downstream, I found Mike already engaged with a fly-fisherman clearly

Fly Fishing the Maitland River


I can still remember the excitement rising up alongside the morning sun as I pedaled my homemade bicycle, affectionately nicknamed “the swampcycle”, over the loose gravel concession road to where it ended at the Maitland River for a morning fish. In the last couple of decades I’ve been blessed enough to have found many rivers throughout Ontario that have captured a piece of my heart, but the Maitland will always be weighted with significance. The Maitland River was my introduction to river fishing; a bi-weekly escape for a city boy longing to be a country boy. The Maitland River is a large & complex meandering river that changes faces a number of times throughout its entirety. From the almost stagnant