Ontario Trout Fishing Ponds – Trout Fly Fishing

Looking for a fun, relaxing getaway for a day with the family? International Trout Ponds – Ontario Located in Mount Albert,  International Trout Fishing Ponds has 10.5 acres of grass, trees & animals —its a relaxed peaceful natural setting with plenty of room for kids to run around & safely play. The property has 6 ponds including a new large dedicated fenced in fly fishing only trout pond (which our swans and ducks share), 2 fully stocked family trout fishing ponds, a sizable bass/pike/perch/crappy catch & release pond and a large domesticated duck pond. http://www.internationaltroutponds.com PRICE LIST Admission General Admission – $5.00 Now includes access to dedicated Catch & Release Bass, Pike, Perch & Crappie Pond Family Fishing Prices Customer Caught

Tamar Vacations – A Temagami Fly Fishing Destination

For the first few years of our relationship, my girlfriend (now fiance) and I embarked on annual canoe trips to the Elliot Lake and Temagami region of Ontario. These trips created an incredible bond, not to mention the seclusion and fishing experiences some can only dream of. Eventually, Anna suggested that while she enjoyed these low key trips into the bush, she’d like to explore other options that might include a home base with some of the comforts of home, but with all of the outdoor potentials we had grown to love. I had to agree this might be a good idea, but due to the fact that our previous canoe trips were as much to do with financial constraints