For the Fly Addict Dad


Father’s Day is fast approaching. For some reason, dads seem to be the hardest people to buy for.  So we decided to help you out with a list of items for the dad that is an avid fly fisherman.  For the Outhouse: The perfect book for beside the loo is a book of short stories, and the king of short stories for fly-anglers is John Gierach. John’s latest book All Fishermen are Liars does not disappoint. Fly-tying Material: Fly-anglers prefer to customize their selection to the rivers and fish they target, so don’t buy a kit for the experienced angler. However, there are some tried and true items that need to be in every fly-tyer’s hoard. These items run out quickly, so it doesn’t

Your First Fly Fishing Rod


Choosing Your First Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Where to begin? Fly fishing can’t be done without a fly rod. So ask yourself these questions in no particular order. 1. What do I want to catch? 2. Where am I going to catch these fish? A pond, a small brush-lined stream, a large river or lake. In my case, the answers are all of the above. Most publications do say to start with between a 8 or 9 foot rod. Preferably a 5 or 6 wt (I know… sounds confusing). I agree with this. But the 6 wt will handle many fishing situations. Good enough for bass and not terribly overpowering for smaller fish like bluegill or resident trout. Bluegill

St Croix Imperial 3wt Fly Rod Review


Review by: Bear Every now and again the tiny stream bug bites and I find myself in the ‘thick of it’ struggling with rods over 8’, well no more. Being cheap and not wanting to spend a heap of cash on a rod I’d use a dozen times a year or less, I looked at the St Croix Imperial line. This is not the old Imperial of 10-15 years ago, but an all new selection ranging from tiny wands to beefy switch rods. According to St.Croix this rod is assembled (or made) at their new facility in Mexico, which they have caught some flak over on some forums because of their pride of “Made in USA”. I have no issue