Mike Verhoef Maitland River Steelhead Guide

Mike Verhoef Maitland River Fly Fishing

Story by Tim Smyth Photos by Mike Verhoef Many of us who have taken to the sport of fly fishing in Ontario have probably also become well aware of some of the guides to our craft that service our waters. One of the first that came to my attention, partly because he specializes on one of my favourite rivers, is Mike Verhoef. A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to meet with Mike on the Maitland itself, for a brief meet and greet with some fishing thrown in for fun. I planned to meet Mike on the river at a creek mouth we both knew. As I approached from downstream, I found Mike already engaged with a fly-fisherman clearly

Ontario Fly Fishing Guide Ken Chandler


    Ken Chandler’s wit and humorous personality are exactly what many folks look for in a good friend and fishing buddy. Being a fly fishing addict, he knows what the difference is between a good day and a bad day on the water. From his point of view, there are no bad days out there, especially when he’s hosting your guided adventure in southern Ontario. His character and his passion for fisheries management through independent actions make guided adventures with him feel more like you are out with a good buddy on your favourite piece of water rather than on a guided trip. I’ve had the chance to fish with Ken on a couple of occasions and on one