Ice Fish Ontario Website Launched

A New Ontario Fishing Community Winter is here. It took a little while to start seeing those cold artic temperatures, but alas they came and most of our rivers are either closed for the season until trout opener in April, or they are frozen over. Either way, we have a long cold winter ahead of us. Good news though, for those who enjoy a little hard water ice fishing action in the winter. Ice Fish Ontario is the newest member of Ontario Fishing Adventures. We’re pleased to finally roll out exactly what Ontario has been waiting for. Similar to Fly Fish Ontario, Ice Fish Ontario brings us a community for the Ice Fishing Enthusiast. As the site grows, we expect

September is here – Salmon and Steelhead in Ontario!


Well folks, it is now August 31st, 2009. We’ve had a tremendously wet and cool summer. Summer? OK, I guess it was more like an extended spring that is now quickly cruising into fall. Hopefully you’ve had a good fill of resident trout action. If not, you’ve got but one month left to fill the void before trout season closes here in Ontario. Some may find it to be a sad time, the end of September. But wait a minute! Its steelhead time!! Woo!!

Welcome to Fly Fish Ontario!

Welcome to Fly Fish Ontario We aim to show just how amazing fly fishing in Canada and particularly fly fishing in Ontario can be. Visiting a large number of lakes and streams, we’ll bring you stories of success and defeat. Although we wont give the exact locations of our special fly fishing holes, we’ll arm you with every bit of knowledge you’ll need to make your fly fishing adventures in Ontario and Canada a success.   Massive Lake Run Brown Caught on GTA Trib! Tim Smyth, one of the members here at Fly Fish Ontario was out recently on one of the GTA tribs that he frequents. To his surprise, there were a large number of Lake Run Brown Trout