Fly Rod Selection – Great lakes Steelhead and Browns

Fly Rod selection for Great Lakes Steelhead. In the fall and spring, steelhead, brown trout and salmon head into tributaries of the great lakes en masse. This provides some excellent fishing for several months through the winter and into the spring. Selecting your fly rod for great lakes steelhead is key in ensuring you’ll be able to battle, and best these magnificent creatures! Watch More Great Lakes Steelhead Tutorials: Fly Rod Selection – Selecting the right Fly Fishing Rod for great lakes steelhead, salmon and migratory brown trout. Terminal Tackle – What you should be sure to have in your vest when targeting great lakes steelhead. Everything from strike indicators to split shot are covered here. Indicator Setup for Great

Practice Nymphing – White Sucker Nymph Fishing

Sometimes when we hit the river for migratory trout and salmon in southern Ontario, things don’t work out as planned. Luckily, however, there are usually other options to fill in the time when there just don’t seem to be any of our target species present. You can take advantage of your time out on the water by targeting species such as white sucker, to practice your nymphing and indicator techniques for migratory trout and salmon in great lakes tributaries.

Tiny Black Stonefly Hatch – March in Ontario

This video takes a look at tiny black stoneflies that were hatching while we were out steelheading on March 29, 2009 on the Maitland River in Southern Ontario. These small stoneflies are one of the first insects, aside from midges, to begin hatching in the spring in Ontario. If you plan to be out for steelhead in early spring, consider tying up some tiny black stonefly nymph patterns.