Little Blue Winged Olive Dun Parachute LBWO


The Little Blue Winged Olive tied parachute style is a perfect imitation for smaller stream fishing. The fly floats very low, almost in the surface film, and when the fly is not dressed, it could easily imitate an emerging dun as it drifts downstream, rear portion submerged. Once a dressing of dry fly floatant is applied, the fly will ride perfectly flat as it drifts downstream in the current.  Tie these flies tiny and sparse. [singlepic id=31 w=500 float=center]   Tying Materials: Hook Size 18-24 dry fly Thread uni 8/0 grey Tail grizzly hackle fibres Body olive dry fly dub Hackle grizzly hackle Wingpost White elk hair Head Neat thread head   Front View [singlepic id=29 w=325 float=center]    

Dark Hendrickson Split Hairwing


Dark Hendrickson Spinners are the first of the larger mayflies to make their return trip to the stream in mating.  The flies gather above appropriate sections of the stream enmasse and begin the ritual of dipping and diving toward the water as males and females create next seasons brood.  These flies are usually the first species to get winter weary trout looking up, and it seems that the spinners as something that they particularly look forward to. [singlepic id=34 w=500 float=center] Tying Materials: Hook size 12-16 Thread Uni black 8/0 Tail red game cock fibres Body Mahogany dry fly dub Hackle red game cock palmered forward Wing Tan elk hair split, spent wing style Head thread head Front View [singlepic

Light Hendrickson

light hendrickson dun

Hendrickson Mayflies are one of the larger, early season emergers in Ontario.  Beginning early to midmay and lasting until June, these flies provide some of the first surface action of the season in many areas.  Flies should be tied in sizes that reflect natural insect sizes in the area you intend to fish.  The hendrickson dun differs from the spinner in that it tends to be a light grey or tan colour, where the spinner is usually a mahogany or burgundy colour. Hatches usually occur mid day when the weather is rather warm and sunny. Ingredients Hook dry fly size 12 Thread uni 8/o brown Tail Grizzly dry fly hackle fibres Body Tan dry fly dub Wing white elk hair