Fly Fishing The Thames River

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Many people will travel great distances to go to a fishing spot they heard about from friends or saw on a fishing show, and we tend to overlook what’s right in our own backyards. One of my favourite rivers to fish is the Grand River.  I love going there and walking the river in the early mornings searching for those monster browns that lurk in her waters! But last year with the summer temps and low waters from the lack of rain the trip from London to Fergus was getting a bit tiresome and not so rewarding.  So I decided to focus my efforts on a river that I saw daily but never really gave the time to…….. The Thames River.

Fly Fishing the Maitland River


I can still remember the excitement rising up alongside the morning sun as I pedaled my homemade bicycle, affectionately nicknamed “the swampcycle”, over the loose gravel concession road to where it ended at the Maitland River for a morning fish. In the last couple of decades I’ve been blessed enough to have found many rivers throughout Ontario that have captured a piece of my heart, but the Maitland will always be weighted with significance. The Maitland River was my introduction to river fishing; a bi-weekly escape for a city boy longing to be a country boy. The Maitland River is a large & complex meandering river that changes faces a number of times throughout its entirety. From the almost stagnant

Fly fishing the Bayfield River


This is one of southern Ontario’s finest steelhead streams.  It is relatively small, and rather inviting to just about any angler who enjoys a wilderness getaway in the heart of southern Ontario.  Located on Ontario’s “West Coast,” The Bayfield River is a small to medium sized river. It flows from just south of the town of Seaforth, then through Vanastra and Clinton before emptying into Lake Huron at the town of, you guessed it, Bayfield. Migratory and Resident Fish Populations The Bayfield River receives a healthy run of migratory Rainbow Trout in the spring and fall, with the majority of them being wild. In the fall, look for Chinook Salmon and Coho Salmon as well. Summer time can provide the