Hendrickson Spinners Spring 2016 – Southern Ontario


One of the first bug events in the spring that gets trout looking up for their food.  Watch for Hendrickson mayflies beginning to emerge early in May.  Expect spinner falls to begin within a few days depending on the weather.  Hendrickson action should last until late May or even early June depending on where you fish in Ontario.  

Green Drake Spinners Spring 2015 – Southern Ontario

Mayfly - Green Drake Spinner

Green Drakes are becoming a very rare occurrence in Ontario. They have all but disappeared from many waterbodies. The Credit river has seen a very rapid decline in the species in the last decade or so. These spinners were found on an early June evening in 2015 on a tributary of the Saugeen River.

BWO and Hendrickson Nymphs in Action


Check out the video below to see how active mayfly nymphs act in the water.  Also present are caddis and scuds. Dead drifting your nymph can be effective, but when thats not working, try adding a little bit of twitchy action to your fly. Filmed on the Grand River Brown Trout Waters near Fergus and Elora in early May.