Fly Fishing The Nine Mile River


The Nine Mile River is a small to medium sized river that flows into Lake Huron at the town of Port Albert. Beginnng in the Lucknow, Ontario area, and named after the small town in the upper reaches, the two main tributaries of the Lucknow (nine mile) river are Dickies creek and Pattersons creek. If fishing the upper reaches of the Nine Mile River, pay some attention to these feeder creeks for some resident Brown and Brook Trout action. From here, the river twists its way downstream through the hamlet of Belfast and the town of Dungannon. The Nine Mile River in southern Ontario receives an impressively large run of migratory Rainbow trout in the spring, as well as a

Fly Fishing the Grand River


Information for fly fishing the Grand River in Southern Ontario. The Grand River is a massive river found in southern Ontario. It begins in the Dundalk area and flows south through heavily populated areas of southern Ontario before entering into lake Erie.  It is the largest watershed in southwestern Ontario and includes all of the land in the drainage of the Grand River and its major tributaries – the nith, conestogo, speed and eramosa rivers. It originates in the highlands of dufferin county. The river winds its way over 300 kilometers to lake erie. Along the way, the Grand rive flows through picture perfect country sides as well as growing cities. The population in the grand river watershed is over

Ontario's Migratory Trout & Salmon Fly Fishing Rivers


Ontario is lucky to have a large number of fly fishing rivers and streams that host runs of migratory Salmon and Trout species. The tributaries of the Great Lakes are nurseries for Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout and several species of Pacific Salmon. Atlantic salmon are now being re-introduced into several streams as well. There are many methods used to entice these mammoth trout and salmon species using flies. A good understanding the various species, run timing, necessary equipment among other things is essential if you plan to target migratory trout and salmon species.   The great lakes region of eastern Canada in Ontario has one of the largest populations of migratory fish species in north America. Each fall, Chinook, Coho