Great Lakes Steelhead Fly Fishing


The History of Great Lakes Steelhead The pacific salmon that exist in the great lakes region of Canada are not a native species to the area. Stocking of these species began over a hundred years ago, and continues today in many rivers to enhance the population and help curb the pressure of sport fishing. The species that has recieved the most focus in this area is the Steelhead, or rainbow trout. Stocking of rainbows began in Michigan in 1876. Genetic stock was taken from the Cambell’s Creek and McCloud strains from California as well as from the Klamath River in Oregon. These fish, both wild and hatchery stock were first planted in Michigan’s famed AuSable River. This stocking program was

Great Lakes Pacific Salmon Fly Fishing


The great lakes have been stocked with Pacific salmon species for a long time. Naturally, these fish took quite well to their home in the freshwater oceans we call the great lakes. Each spring and fall, migratory pacific salmon species make their way up tributaries of the great lakes. ┬áThese massive fish are a lot of fun on the fly, and with a little practice you’ll be able to tie into some of these fish with ease. If you are an avid fly fisher in Ontario, then late summer is probably one of the times of the year that you don’t necessarily look forward to. Typical dry periods coupled with very hot, muggy conditions usually force you off the rivers