Bait Busting Bronzebacks

Sight fishing for smallmouth bass on the fly

Smallmouth bass, or “bronzebacks” as they are affectionately known by some of us, are a favourite target for a lot of Ontario summer fly fishers. There are many good reasons why they are so popular. Being a warm water species, they are readily available and always eager to eat a well tied fly throughout the “dog days” of summer; both in moving and still water environments. Because their food sources are so diversified, smallmouth bass can be taken by fly fishers using top water or sub surface tactics with flies that represent anything from a noisy surface frog imitation to a bottom dwelling crayfish pattern. Any successful presentation style is always exciting when you hook up with one of these

Fall Trout In Southern Ontario


Fall in southern Ontario is a great time.  Although the end of September brings the end of resident trout season, this time of year can be one of the best for finding big browns.  Brown trout, and brook trout both spawn in the fall.  These species take on some amazing colours as they prepare to spawn, and they also begin to feed heavily knowing that a long, cold winter is just around the corner. Generally speaking, you want to use big flies for big browns.  These fish don’t get big simply by feeding on tiny nymphs and flies.  They get big eating such things as mice, frogs, smaller trout as well as any other baitfish that may call the same

Finding Your Way

Nice Brown Trout

Story  By Tim Smyth It was at a family gathering almost twenty years ago when a distant cousin of mine tipped me off on a nearby creek that was producing 16 inch brook Trout. This man was known to be a bit of a prankster and for all I knew he was sending me to a creek chub haven on a wild goose chase. Still, there was a glint of sincerity in his eyes. 16 inch brook Trout are no joking matter after all. Two evenings later I made the short trip to this stream with a friend of mine. A short distance from the road the current slowed and the small creek seemed to lack any real trout like