Setting up your Fly Rod, Reel and Line


Setting Up Your Fly Fishing Rod, Reel and Line Okay. So now you’ve done what you were curious about and purchased your first fly rod. Like I said, to start it doesn’t have to be fancy. But you’ve brought it home and you are ready to take it out of the box. You sit there, maybe anticipating your first casts. But you have to set-up this contraption. Hopefully, I can help you here. Chances are if you bought a ready to go combination you won’t have to worry about utilizing different knots. This is because in 95% of the cases that I’ve seen the backing is attached to the reel, the backing to the fly line and leader (what you

The New Fly Fisher – Part Two


Getting a start on some great fly fishing. Steve Dobson clarifies what you need to know, and what you don’t need to buy when getting started in fly fishing! Starting from Scratch- Rods, Reels and Lines In preparing to write this article, I have tried to think back to when and how I got started fly-fishing. For me it was a writer, Roderick Haig-Brown. His book ?A Primer of Fly-Fishing? gave me the basic information I needed to get started. His book called ?A River Never Sleeps? made me want to start and ?Bright Waters, Bright Fish? made me a fanatic. Having decided to try it, I went to the local fly shop – not a very good experience for