Ontario Fly Fishing: Southern Ontario Hatch Charts

Insect hatch charts for various fly fishing areas in Ontario. Hatch charts in this section include: The Grand River, The Credit River, The Saugeen River and more.

Upper Grand River Hatch Chart


The Grand River in southern Ontario is often boasted as being one of the best brown trout fly fishing rivers in Ontario. Many of us would beg to differ on that point, but it remains a very popular destination for fly fishers. The flow of the Grand River is regulated by the Shand Dam. There [...]

Upper Saugeen River Hatch Chart


This simple hatch chart for the Upper Saugeen river is particularly useful for resident brown and brook trout fly fishing on the Saugeen river and its many tributaries.

Upper Credit River Hatch Chart


The Upper Credit River is truly an anglers dream. Situated in southern Ontario, this stream holds resident populations of giant wild brown trout, as well as native brook trout populations. The river has special regulations throughout which makes it one of Ontario’s premiere trout fly fishing destinations. This is a simple but very useful hatch [...]