Ontario's Top Fall Flies


Fly fishing in Ontario in the fall means different things to different people.  The main quarry at this time of year are Steelhead and Brown trout.  Some species of pacific salmon can also be targeted, but make up a much smaller portion of what folks are targeting this time of year. Here I’ve compiled a list of my top flies for Steelhead and Brown trout in the great lakes region. Egg flies, Globugs,  Yarn Flies Eggflies are one my my go-to flies for the fall and winter season.  When I’m nymphing, or fishing an indicator setup, you can pretty much be guaranteed that you’ll find a globug pattern attached to my rig somewhere.  Make sure you keep a good supply

Shellback Caddis Pupa


Caddis species are extremely abundant in Ontario. The larval stage is easy to mimick simply with bright green dubbing or yarn. * Hook 18-22 dry fly * Thread olive 8/0 * Tail squirrel tail * Body olive dry fly dub * Rib thread slightly lighter than the body * Wing Post white poly yarn * Hackle dry fly