Beginning Fly Tying – Books, Tools, Materials and Equipment


Fly tying has always been an integral part of fly fishing. Just like the gadgets you get to use fly fishing, there are all sorts of fly tying tools to play with. When the season is off, and there is nothing but snow, you can turn to fly tying for a little fly fishing relief! Getting Started In Fly Tying For most people who get themselves tangled up in fly fishing, its only a matter of time before they begin tying their own flies. It makes the entire experience that much more personal. Likely, you fish several river in a dedicated fashion. By that I mean that when you go to one of your favourite streams in June, you probably

Small Stream Log Jam Skating Dry Fly Fishing Methods Catching Brook Trout

Small stream fly fishing – Skating dry flies in Log Jams is a very successful method of fly fishing on small streams. This is tutorial on how to do just that! One of the single best fly fishing techniques that I know of is skating dry flies into log jams. Brook trout love to hide in heavy cover, such as log jams, sweepers and overhangs on the banks of streams. Using nymphs to fly fish for these fish can result in many lost flies. Try skating your dry fly straight into log jams as demonstrated in this video.