Small Stream Log Jam Skating Dry Fly Fishing Methods Catching Brook Trout

Small stream fly fishing – Skating dry flies in Log Jams is a very successful method of fly fishing on small streams. This is tutorial on how to do just that! One of the single best fly fishing techniques that I know of is skating dry flies into log jams. Brook trout love to hide in heavy cover, such as log jams, sweepers and overhangs on the banks of streams. Using nymphs to fly fish for these fish can result in many lost flies. Try skating your dry fly straight into log jams as demonstrated in this video.

Fly Fishing With Dry Flies – Three Methods Appraised


Fishing with dry flies can be quite intimidating for the beginner. It takes years to perfectly master dry fly fishing and to accomplish what you set out to do. Here we’ll look at three dry fly fly fishing techniques to employ out on the river. Perhaps one of the most identifying aspects of fly fishing is a trout taking a fly from the surface of a stream. With that said, one of the most daunting tasks that a fly fisher will have to accomplish when embarking¬†on the mission of trout tempting is presenting a dry fly properly. Presentation has much to do with how you place the fly where you intend to put it, but has much more to¬†do with